Hot Beverage Plastic Lids

From hot chocolate and coffee to tea, this lid is perfect for all your to-go beverage options in your coffee shop, cafe, convenience store, concession stand, snack shack, or other establishment. The small hole allows for easy sipping or for stirrers to be inserted.

Spill-free on-the-go sipping with this black hot paper cup travel lid for 12 oz., 16 oz. and 21 oz. cups. Designed to fit compatible 10 oz. cups, this lid makes to-go beverages much easier! Each lid has the phrase "Caution Contents Hot" written on its surface to warn customers of the temperature of the beverage inside.

Sizes Height Top Diameter Bottom Diameter Cup size
HOT BEVERAGE 5/16 in. 3 6/16 in. 3 11/16 in. 12 oz. 16 oz. and 21 oz.

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