Food tray

Looking for a reliable food tray, convenience store, or take-out establishment? Try this paper food tray! Sturdy in design and grease-resistant, these trays are perfect for fried foods such as french fries, onion rings, chicken tenders, and more. For added convenience, these trays are easily disposable when your event has concluded, making them perfect for any concession stand or picnic.

Serve everything from burgers to barbecue in classic checkerboard baskets. Coated paperboard keeps sauces, grease and oils from tabletops and clothing. Stackable, nestable design enables space-saving storage.

Sizes Top Lenght Width Height
LARGE 230mm / 9.06'' 160mm / 6.30'' 65mm / 2.56''
MEDIUM 210mm / 8.26'' 150mm / 5.91'' 65mm / 2.56''

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