Cold Beverage Plastic Lids

From ice water and fountain drinks to fruit smoothies and fresh-squeezed lemonade, this clear plastic lid is the perfect way to top off your cold beverages. A must-have addition to any kiosk, concession stand, fast-food restaurant, or to-go establishment, from 12 oz. to 21 oz. clear plastic flat lid with straw.

Durable PET Plastic
Made of crack-resistant PET plastic, this lid ensures quality, single-service use every time. Whether you're selling lemonade, milkshakes, or sodas, this lid is the perfect way to top off your cold beverages thanks to its reliable construction.

Excellent Clarity
A crystal-clear plastic construction provides superior clarity and gives this disposable lid a pristine appearance.

Straw Slot
This lid features a straw slot, reducing the chance of spillage because no lid removal is required for beverage enjoyment!

Tight-Fitting Seal
Providing a secure, snug fit, this lid helps prevent customers' beverages from leaking out of the cup.

Sizes Height Top Diameter Bottom Diameter Cup size
COLD BEVERAGE 5/16 in. 3 6/16 in. 3 11/16 in. 12 oz. 16 oz. and 21 oz.

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